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The members of Woven Roots live spotted along the mighty Trinity River in Humboldt and Trinity Counties, Northern California. While farming and homesteading is a way of life, coming together to craft original roots reggae is a true blessing. . .

Travis Roots, lead singer/songwriter was raised in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, hunting and growing his own food for survival. His father was a poor artist, and together they lived in an old log cabin without electricity or telephone, and kerosene lanterns for light. He grew up farming food and herb from the land, and living in harmony with nature. With nature as his guide he learned the natural cycles and rhythms of living with respect and connection to our Earth.

Today, with the support and backing of Woven Roots, they push to spread that message of knowledge and wisdom through the power of music. True Herbsmen, real mountain people, with inspiring music for the up liftment of the masses.

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